Board of Directors

President: Patti Tahan
Vice President: Al Girard
Secretary: Rebecca Wanner
Treasurer: Andrew M. Barbato
Executive At-Large: Colleen McDonough
At-Large: Chris DiBiase, Chris Matozzo, Christopher Nevin, Barbara Shontz, Joshua Spindler

Patti Tahan: President 

Patti has lived in South Philadelphia since 1989. She loves South Philadelphia and believes that the old and the new can exist and thrive by working together. There is much to love when you live so close to historic Philadelphia, many great museums, performing arts venues, parks, restaurants, shops, quirky neighborhoods, public transportation and a diverse population. A graduate of Temple University, she has been teaching in Philadelphia since 1997. She is pursuing a Masters degree from UPenn in Liberal Arts with a focus on Urban Studies. She became a member of LoMo in its first year and has been involved with the beautification committee and cleanups but most often in maintaining neighborhood gardens. She has served as LoMo’s treasurer prior to her current position as president.


Al Girard: Vice President

Al Girard – Al has lived in LoMo for 6 years. He joined LoMo immediately upon moving to the neighborhood. A prior LoMo Board member and co-treasurer, he is currently Vice Chair of the Zoning, Planning & Public Safety Committee; the LoMo rep on the 3rd District Police Advisory Council and is a 311 Neighborhood Liaison. He is a Tree Tender and a graduate of the Planning Commission Citizens Planning Institute and the Philadelphia Rising Citizens Engagement Academy.

Al is originally from Chicopee MA but lived in Seattle for many years. Al is a strong believer in volunteerism and enjoys staying involved in all aspects of making our community a better place of all of us. Al is available most mornings at Home Grown if you want to talk about neighborhood issue over a cup of coffee.


Rebecca Wanner: Secretary

Rebecca Wanner grew up in the Beloit, Wisconsin, attended Smith College, and moved to Philadelphia in 2000.  Since 2006, she has lived with her partner in his childhood home on Wolf Street, which is now also home to their son and two cats.  Rebecca earned a Masters Degree in Education from UPenn and worked as a literacy specialist in schools and on the administrative side in nonprofits. She brings this experience to LoMo and the Friends of Mifflin Square, hoping to foster community to advocate for equity and support our neighborhood schools and families.


Treasurer: Andrew M. Barbato


Colleen McDonough: Executive-at-Large

Colleen originally came to Philadelphia in 1998 when she started working at the Art Institute of Philadelphia; however, she only lived here during the week, returning to Annapolis on weekends. She moved permanently to South Philadelphia in June 2006. 

By August 2006 she was searching to find in which civic association her house was located; only to discover that there was none. She started the process by placing a shout out on PhillyBlog for others interested in forming what would later become Lower Moyamensing Civic Association (LoMo).  The first meeting, in September 2006, was held at what used to be Gavonnes on 10th and Wolf. Colleen and seven ambitious people who responded to her post took the first steps in the lengthy and challenging process of getting the original application together. 

It is now going on ten years that Colleen has been involved with LoMo and she has served as a board member since the beginning. Many theories of organizational development hold that it is best for established leaders to limit their tenures and nurture others take leadership roles. She agrees with this and so has gone from Treasurer to Executive-at-Large.  Colleen also believes that it is vital that there be long standing board members to function as the memory of the organization and to advise newer members on initiatives. It is particularly important to assure that, when an initiative is proposed, the board can discuss whether it has been attempted before, what was learned from that attempt and if and how another attempt should be made.


Chris DiBiase: At-Large

Chris has lived in LoMo for the past eight years. Although he tried living in NYC twice and South Florida once, he always returned to Philadelphia. Chris is a graphic designer by trade, but turned to selling real estate full time because of his love for South Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. He believes that LoMo is one of the most thriving and valuable neighborhoods in South Philly and plans to remain a resident and advocate for a long time.


Christian Matozzo: At-Large

Christian is a lifelong South Philadelphian. He currently serves as Special Assistant in the Office of Councilwoman Cindy Bass. Christian also serves on the Pastoral Council of Epiphany of Our Lord Parish. Christian is passionate about quality-of-life issues, and seeks to blend civic engagement with a deeper personalism that highlights the dignity of every human person.”


Christopher Nevin: At-Large


Chris has been living in the city of Philadelphia for about twelve years. He grew up in the suburbs of Delaware County. He and his wife, Bernadette, have lived in the LoMo area for the past four years – one year renting and now the past three as homeowners. This past year they welcomed a new roommate, their newborn daughter, Claire.

Chris graduated from West Chester University with degrees in Economics & Finance, and now works for Chubb Limited as an analyst. Chris stays busy by traveling, going on backpacking trips, staying involved as a co-founder of a non-partisan voter engagement group – Grassroots Advocacy for South Philadelphia (GrASP) – and most of all enjoying anything related with Philly’s pro sports teams (Go Birds, Phils, Sixers, Flyers).

Barbara Shontz: At-Large

Barbara has lived in South Philly all her life. She raised her three children in South Philly. She worked for UPS for 20 years. She moved to Lower Moyamensing in 1996 with her children and two grandchildren. She started volunteering with Lower Moyamensing Environmental Committee last year and is enjoying the work.


Joshua Spindler: At-Large

Josh is Philadelphia born and raised. He has lived around the city in different neighborhoods from the Northeast, West/University City, and South. He ultimately fell in love with South Philadelphia and made it his permanent residence when he and his wife purchased their home. He works at a privately owned manufacturing company in a quality laboratory where he reads, interprets and authors laboratory reports. Joshua has been attending Environmental Committee meetings regularly for the past year.