LoMo Committees

The success of our volunteer efforts depends on the support of our neighbors. We invite you to find out more about LoMo’s ongoing efforts to improve our community and to connect with our committee chairs who welcome your thoughts and participation. Please email us at lomophilly@gmail.com and your message will be forwarded to the proper committee chair.

    • Examples of committee activities: organizing tree care days; caring for our community garden; advocating for our local parks; creating opportunities for public art; promoting recycling.
    • Committee Chair: Patti Tahan
    • Click here for the Environmental Committee webpage
    • Examples of committee activities: organizing Teacher Appreciation gifts for staff of local schools; sharing information about local schools; meeting regularly with local principals and home & school associations; advocating for our local library and donating supplies & materials.
    • Committee Chair: Rebecca Wanner
    • Click here for the Education Committee webpage
    • Examples of committee activities: hosting monthly community zoning meetings to review variance requests; staying abreast of zoning code changes and other relevant city planning issues. Also focuses on issues of public safety including: sharing safety tips; collecting information about neighborhood safety issues to present to our local Police at monthly meetings.
    • Committee Chair: Todd Schwartz
    • Click here for the Zoning & Planning Committee webpage

For more information about LoMo Membership, please click here.