Tree Philly: Register for a Free Yard Tree (or Two) Today

We know yard space is hard to come by in South Philly, but if you’ve got some, why not plant a tree in it? TreePhilly has announced their Fall Tree Giveaway events for 2015, and they’re happening throughout October and November. You can register for up to two free yard trees at the following events: … More Tree Philly: Register for a Free Yard Tree (or Two) Today

PHS Garden Tenders Course

Learn what it takes to start a community garden. Open to groups, individuals, educators, and anyone interested in gardening with others. The course combines in-depth and hands-on gardening experience with topics such as basic horticulture, recruiting and keeping volunteers, assessing and finding resources in your neighborhood, planting and garden maintenance, finding a site, getting permission, … More PHS Garden Tenders Course

Become a Tree Tender!

Over the past four years, LoMo has planted over 250 trees in our neighborhood! We never could have done it without the help of LoMo’s Tree Tenders, a group of residents who each have received hands-on training through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. LoMo’s Tree Tenders are our neighborhood’s tree ambassadors – they encourage more residents to plant trees and care for them properly, and also lead volunteers during our spring and fall plantings. Want to join the ranks of LoMo’s Tree Tenders and help make this our greenest year yet? Sign up for a PHS Tree Tenders course this year!
More Become a Tree Tender!