Start Composting Today!

Whether you’re new to composting or a seasoned composting pro, LoMo’s new Community Composting Program is designed for you! Many of us with tiny backyards lack the space to have our own compost pile, but our new program makes it easy and convenient to start composting locally, turning those food scraps into something your plants will love. Composting – like other forms of recycling – lessens our neighborhood’s carbon footprint. An added bonus is that composting also produces a fantastic fertilizer that gives plants a natural boost.

You don’t have to be a LoMo resident to participate in the program. Click here to complete our quick & easy online application.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at: lomophilly@gmail.comHappy Composting!

 * Interested in other Philly composting services that will pick-up kitchen scraps directly from your doorstep? Check out Bennett Compost, who has been a great supporter of LoMo’s greening initiatives!

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