Success at Southern!


Together, We Did It!!!

60 days   *   200+ people   *   $27,350 raised

From the rooftop…

To the parking lot…

South Philly High is about to embark on an exciting transformation!

Through the generous support of over 200 people, LoMo will now be able to partner with this historic institution in our neighborhood and work with the landscape architecture firm Roofmeadow, as well as City agencies, to design a Greening Master Plan that will set the stage for a complete retrofit of the 5.5 acre urban campus – promoting stormwater management, outdoor education, healthy eating, community involvement, and curriculum-building opportunities.

This summer, we will begin collecting community input which will shape the design of the SPHS Greening Master Plan this fall. More details to come…

Check out SPHS Gardens on facebook and stay tuned to this website to keep in touch and follow our progress!

The journey has just begun…

Once the Greening Master Plan is complete, we will begin the next phase of the project and start raising funds for construction. We will be working hard to create a brighter future for South Philly High and our community and your support has enabled us to take this critical first step.

Thank you to all who pitched in to help us launch this transformational project!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and if you selected a thank-you gift for your donation, yours should arrive in the mail within the next few weeks. We appreciate your patience as we coordinate the mailing.

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