Where Would You Like to See a Bike Share Station in LoMo?

Philly bike share station
A bike share station being installed in West Philly earlier this year.

Philly’s Bike Share program has only been in operation a few months now, but judging by the number of blue bikes cruising around the city on a daily basis, it seems to be a hit. Currently, LoMo doesn’t have a bike share station within its boundaries, but with new stations in the planning stages, that could change.

If a new bike share station were to come to our neighborhood, where would you like to see it located? Before you answer, be aware that there are certain requirements that need to be met. They include:

  • Space: 13′ in width by 60′ in length OR 20′ in width by 40′ in length
  • Sun: The space needs to have good solar access for at least 6 hours per day
  • Surface: It should be paved and flat (a slight slope in one direction is acceptable, but no bumps or divots)

So what do you think? Do you have an idea for a good bike share location in LoMo? If so, share it in the comments, or send an email to lomophilly [at] gmail.com. Your feedback matters!


3 thoughts on “Where Would You Like to See a Bike Share Station in LoMo?

  1. Broad and Snyder is a major hub and would reach a large amount of people.

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