Volunteer to Help Keep LoMo Beautiful

Orphan-TreesThese two trees in front of Our Lady of Hope School have been adopted by Natalie Malawey-Ednie, a neighbor across the street, who noticed that they were showing signs of suffering from heat and neglect.  Enlisting the aid and advice of others in LoMo’s growing volunteer group, this past weekend she and volunteer Eve Miller worked together to weed and transport/spread mulch around the trees.  Her husband and 3 year old son helped too – Geoffrey Ednie and Owen Ednie. What better way to teach children about trees? This is an example of how neighbors are working together to beautify our neighborhood.

If you’re interested in gardening, tree care, neighborhood trash cleanups, or anything else to help make our neighborhood look its best, check out the LoMo Environment page and sign up for email updates on future events, also find others to work with you on your favorite project.

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