Beautifying Sidewalk Planters at the Fumo Library

Fumo Library planter
Renee Pokorny, head librarian at Fumo Branch, and employee Brian Carney in front of Fumo Branch planter.

Brian Carney, newly employed at the library, brings his gardening talent to the neighborhood.  He has beautified the two planters in front of the library and will be nurturing the trees on the block.  Brian was able to procure the plants through his contacts at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  Renee Pokorny, head librarian at the Fumo Branch, is a supportive LoMo member. The Lower Moyamensing Civic Association (LoMo) holds general membership and board meetings in the back room of the Fumo Family Branch Library, 2437 S. Broad Street. Keep an eye on the LoMo calendar for info on our next meeting.


2 thoughts on “Beautifying Sidewalk Planters at the Fumo Library

  1. Hi all, In case anyone is wondering about the trees around the Methodist Jefferson Hospital at Broad St. and Wolf, I have good news. I spoke with Michael Curry, Vice President, Physician Operations and Support Services at Methodist. He has been working with the Fairmont Park Commission and the Philadelphia Horticultural Society concerning the trees and planters around the property. Although some tree plots have been cemented over, new plots will be cut and trees planted this October-November that will not block signage. They will plant Princeton Elms, a type of tree that satisfies environmental and aesthetic needs as well as easier maintenance and care. The two ornamental pear trees on Broad St. will be replaced with the elms as well. Michael will also follow up on Wolf St. trees – to accompany the last tree standing on Wolf between Broad and 13th – as construction outside the Emergency Department is about complete. Michael also made it very clear to me that he would have had the trees replaced immediately if it were not for the best conditions for planting as we all know.

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