LoMo Monthly Green Thumb Socials

Green Thumb Social
We hope this will bring about more people signing up to be a Green Thumbs volunteer.

We have chosen the second Tuesday evening of each month to meet in each other’s homes for friendly conversation and snacks. These events are more social in nature, but often discussions will be about gardening, tree care, or trash.  We find that promoting camaraderie does great things for engagement.  We all want to lend a hand when one of our group asks for volunteer help on a project they have identified, like a tree needing mulching or garden planting or watering.

We take turns hosting in our homes, so we cannot publish locations on the calendar. To become part of the Green Thumbs volunteer group and get on our email list for announcements, including our Green Thumb Socials, contact Darlene via the LoMo Environment page.

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