New Photos from Frida Cantina!

There’s a new Mexican restaurant at 10th and Wolf streets. From the Passyunk Post:

The menu at Frida Cantina consists of “Mexican street food favorites.” As Castro told us previously, the food is “home-style Mexican food, like the way my grandma, mom, and aunts cook at home.” In addition to the Mexican food selection, you’ll of course be able to enjoy margaritas and other specialty cocktails.

The restaurant has 60 varieties of tequila and mezcal available. There are five types of margaritas on the menu, including options like Pomegranate and Chipotle. The five other specialty cocktails include Paloma, a Drunken Arnold Palmer, Mexican Sangria and more. If you’re not a liquor lover, there are still plenty of beer options with Frida Cantina’s Mexican and craft beer selection.

IMG_20160831_181212 IMG_20160831_183348

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