Today is National Voter Registration Day!!

voteimgpressLast week in Philadelphia City Council, members passed a resolution recognizing September 27, 2016 as National Voter Registration Day.  Philadelphia’s City Commissioners were on hand to accept the resolution and remind citizens about why their vote matters, this year and every year.

Why do we need a national day focused on voter registration? In 2008, six million Americans didn’t vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register. And we all know that voter turnout in national and local elections is far below that of other democracies. With that in mind, the National Association of Secretaries of State has established the fourth Tuesday of September as a nationwide day of action and awareness about registering Americans to vote, regardless of party or politics.

You can be a part of this day of action, even if you’re already registered. Here’s how:

Show your fellow Pennsylvanians how to register. In 2016, Pennsylvania began online voter registration, meaning that eligible voters can register or update their registration in just minutes by visiting There are also toolkits and video tutorials on this site as well to assist. Share the link with your PA friends and family on social media or by email. Another great site to share is the Philadelphia City Commissioners’ site: Philadelphians can use an interactive map to confirm their polling place now so there’s no confusion on Election Day.

Share Nationwide Voter Registration Information. If you have family and friends outside of Pennsylvania, tell them to visit to be directed to their local voter registration applications and tools. Deadlines vary by state so registering now, on Voter Registration Day, is the best way to guarantee a voice in November’s election.

Help out at a voter registration Event. On September 27, there will be thousands of voter registration events nationwide. If you have time, consider helping out at an event here in Philly. To find an event near you, simply enter your zip code at

Every vote matters, every election matters and it all starts with getting registered.



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