PhillyBlotter is town watch in your pocket

Here is an email LoMo received about a new safety tool, PhillyBlotter:

You care deeply about your community and so do I.   I grew up in a small close-knit rural town.   We stayed up-to-date on what the police were doing by reading the police blotter in the local newspaper.   In a large city this is impossible to do, until PhillyBlotter.

You can stay on top of what the police are reporting around you and do it quickly.   It’s far more powerful than a printed report from the Philadelphia Police.

  • Notifications – receive notifications to your phone whenever violent/violative crime incident reports are published by PPD
  • The Crime Map lets you see what’s been reported around you recently
  • Arrest Records are are attached to PPD Crime Incident reports so you can see who the police have charged with a specific incident report
  • Crime Search gives you the ability to search for specific types of crime that’s occured in your community or in any other neighborhood
  • Search arrest records for defendants by name/DOB
  • PPD surveillance videos released to the community are attached to crime incident reports

We are told over and over again that communities and the police need to improve their communication.  I agree.  As a stakeholder in your community, having better information allows you to ask better questions and make more articulate requests upon the people who are there to serve you.

PhillyBlotter has made it possible for us to target weak areas in our neighborhood where there are not enough residents with security cameras and alarm systems by monitoring where burlgaries occur.  Our civic, the Olde Richmond Civic Association, has been using the information in PhillyBlotter and it has greatly enhanced our relationship with the Philadelphia Police and with our residents.

We think the same will be true for your neighborhood.

Available for Android on the Google Play Store.

Available for iOS devices on the Apple Store.
Check it out at

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