7th St. Commercial Corridor Zoning Meeting on May 10

Councilman Squilla’s office and the Seventh Street Community Civic Association will be holding a community meeting to discuss remapping in the S 7th Street area on May 10th at 7pm at the Ford Rec PAL Center.

Attached are a flyer as well as both existing zoning and proposed zoning maps so everyone can see the area in question and what the proposed changes are. Since LoMo boundaries encompass some of the proposed remapping area, this might interest our constituents. The current proposed changes are similar to what was originally proposed in the South District Plan.

S 7th Street Area Community Mtg 170428

S 7th Street Area Existing Zoning draft_170418

S 7th Street Area Prop Zoning draft_170418

One thought on “7th St. Commercial Corridor Zoning Meeting on May 10

  1. Lower Moyamensing,
    Who can I call about cutting my tree down or back from the front of my house / over my roof?
    So far it has cost me $10,000 to have that free tree in front of my house.

    I need it cut back from the house (per my construction person). I needed a new stack pipe this weekend (4000.00) because squirrels are jumping off the tree and onto the roof and they built a nest in my stack pipe, also pavement is coming up again 2nd time and sewer pipe needed to be replaced in front of house also electric has gone off to half my house and my neighbors, two times…electric company came and trimmed tree back both times?
    Do you have a phone number of who I can talk to?

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