New Extended Hours at City’s Sanitation Convenience Centers

Sanitation Convenience Centers
NEW Extended Hours
Monday – Saturday 6am to 8pm

TVs, tires, and mattresses are the most dumped items throughout the City. Aside from being rude to your neighbors and bad for the environment—this illegal dumping is easily avoidable. All of these items can be brought to any of the City’s six Sanitation Convenience Centers, six days a week for FREE.

Six Convenient Locations

Port Richmond                            Southwest Philadelphia
3901 Delaware Ave.                      3033 S. 63rd St.

West Philadelphia                       Northwest Philadelphia
5100 Grays Ave.                           300 block Domino Lane

Strawberry Mansion                    Northeast Philadelphia
2601 W. Glenwood Ave.                State Rd. & Ashburner St.

In addition to the frequently dumped items mentioned above, the following materials are also accepted at the Sanitation Convenience Centers:
● Bulk items, large metal household items/appliances or items containing refrigerants, limited to two a day
● Christmas trees
● Collectible rubbish, up to six receptacles (or 12 bags)
● E-waste, including computers, monitors, and other computer-related equipment
● Latex- or water-based paint cans that are partially full can be solidified by adding an absorbent material such as “kitty litter” or newspaper prior to disposal
● Unwrapped box springs
● Yard waste that must be free of contamination and contained in paper bags only

Learn more about the City’s six Sanitation Convenience Centers, here.

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