South Philadelphia Bikeway Project -Survey for Phase 2


In Summer 2017, the City completed Phase 1 of the South Philadelphia 13th and 15th Street Neighborhood Bikeway Project: installing bicycle priority and wayfinding signage in South Philadelphia and Center City. The limits of the project are Market Street to Oregon Avenue on both 13th and 15th Streets.

The project is being implemented in two phases. In each phase, the City will measure bicyclist comfort and effectiveness of the elements of the neighborhood bikeway facility. Phase 2 of the project will be implemented in Summer 2018 and will include installation of green backed sharrows and line striping of parking edge lines and crosswalks.

Your responses to this survey will help the City understand and measure bicyclist comfort and the effectiveness of the signage installation as part of Phase 1 on South 13th and 15th Streets. The City will again survey the public after the completion of Phase 2.

The link to the survey is:

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