Villari Brothers Bakery Closes


We are sad to report that a LoMo and South Philly staple, Villari Brothers, has closed. Here is an excerpt from the article written for them:

“Twice, the bakery almost took the Villari brothers’ lives.

First Joe, nine years ago, on a delivery a few blocks from their shop on 10th Street, as picture-perfect a time capsule of old South Philly as you could find, from its screen door to its minimal decor — rosary beads, a picture of the pope, a cross, and a statue of Charlie Chaplin. If Joe, behind the counter, ever beaming, didn’t remember your name, he remembered you: “My friend!” he’d yell, in his rolling Sicilian accent. “God bless!””

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One thought on “Villari Brothers Bakery Closes

  1. Thanks for all the hot rolls and for being open when all other bakeries were out of bread. Villari Brothers is an icon in South Philly. So proud of our neighborhood bac in the day. Life was good and I am so happen I grew up when 5 cents bought you a hot roll.

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