Census Alert


Philly Counts

We have received reports from several of our partners that Census Bureau impersonators are going door-to-door in the Kensington area of Philadelphia. The male actors asked for money and requested the completed paper questionnaire to “return to the Census Bureau”. These men are NOT employees of the U.S. Census Bureau or authorized to collect census responses.

Currently, the Census Bureau does NOT have staff visiting households. This operation is on hold and scheduled to begin in late May. We will notify you when operations are ready to begin in our neighborhoods. Until then, please contact the police and let us know if you encounter scammers at your door.

During the period of that operation, employees with the U.S. Census Bureau will have a badge, briefcase, and ID indicating their affiliation with the Bureau. They will NEVER ask you for money, bank account information, or your Social Security number.

You may request additional identification from a U.S. Census Bureau employee. To confirm the identity of a U.S. Census Bureau census taker, you can call the Philadelphia Regional Office at (215) 717-1800.

The best way to avoid a scam is to fill out your 2020 Census today. If you have misplaced your postcard with your code you can still complete the online form with your address. Go to: https://my2020census.gov.

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