A Message from SEPTA General Manager Leslie Richards

April 07, 2020

Dear SEPTA Key Customer:

During this challenging and unprecedented time, I want you to know that SEPTA has been laser-focused on operating a safe transportation system, both for the region’s essential workers and our employees.

While it feels strange to discourage you from taking SEPTA and using your Key Card – unless you are an essential worker or traveling for an essential activity (food shopping, medical appointment) please stay home. If you must ride for these trips, please practice social distancing and be aware of our new back door boarding policy and capacity limits on buses and trolleys.

To ensure that we can continue to deliver service for essential travel and provide additional time for station and vehicle cleaning and disinfecting, we implemented new schedules for all Regional Rail and Transit routes, suspended late night service on the Market Frankford and Broad Street Lines (1:00 a.m. – 4:30 a.m./ 7 days a week), and reduced the number of entrance/exit points at Frankford and 69th Street Transportation Centers, Jefferson, and Suburban Stations. This remains a very fluid situation and we may need to make additional adjustments to service and station operations. We encourage you to regularly check for updates by visiting the SEPTA website, apps, and social media sites.

We understand that many of you have questions about how to get refunds for unused Passes on your Key Card and Monthly Regional Rail Parking Permits. Please review our Credit Policy for SEPTA Transportation Passes for detailed information about your Key Card products or call the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center at 1-855-567-3782. As a friendly reminder, if you use autoload, you should turn it off if your upcoming travel needs are uncertain. Autoload settings can be accessed by going to your account profile at http://SEPTAKey.org or by calling the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center. When you resume regular travel autoload can easily be reinstated by going to your online Key Card account.

If you are one of the essential workers riding our service – thank you for all you are doing. If you are one of our customers following the stay at home and social distancing recommendations — thank you for helping to keep our region safe and our service available for those who must ride SEPTA.

Thank you, SEPTA Key Customers, for your cooperation, patience, and understanding during these extraordinary times. We miss you, but we will be here saving a seat for you. We are #InItTogether.


Leslie S. Richards

One thought on “A Message from SEPTA General Manager Leslie Richards

  1. We like to thank Septa too! I appreciate the Broad Street line if I had an emergency, but we are staying home! I have two neighbors who work for septa and I love them both and want for their safety. Joe and Bobby are the best and all Septa drivers, mechanics, sanitation employee and clerks…God Bless you all and you are in our prayers. from, Neighbors 2400 S 12th Street.

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