Some Uplifting News

US Air Force’s Thunderbirds and US Navy’s Blue Angels Flyover!

Today at approximately 2 pm two of our armed forces in a show of unity and support for our first responders will fly over Philadelphia for 20 minutes. Step out on your stoop – enjoy some fresh air – and look to the skies — we will get through this together! Look for the story about the flyover path on NBC 10.

NOTE: these two high flyers have never shared the same airspace together so the event is definitely historic in nature!


If you hear clapping in the distance at 7 pm everyday – its not a random alarm clock you have going off in your house. It is the sound of folks clapping in support of the efforts of our first responders literally putting themselves in the line of fire when it comes to the virus. Even if you are the only one on your block, let’s see if we can get something going.

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