3 thoughts on “LoMo Neighborhood Hotline

  1. I would encourage everyone to utilize 3-1-1. That is the official policy of the city regarding non emergency city services.

  2. Hello,
    Why are there not any Solar trash cans on Snyder ave? Passyunk ave has four at Passyunk and Mifflin, but walking up from Broad st on Snyder to, lets say 8th, there is none! Maybe all the doggie bags on the ground would end up in the trash if we had some!

  3. Sonya, That’s a good question. Hopefully we will have trash cans on the major cross streets along Snyder Ave. soon. I am not sure what the process is for requesting big bellies or if there’s specific criteria. There’s a new group, Friends of Snyder Ave. a collaboration between Snyder Ave. residents, businesses, LoMo and EPX. I will bring up your request. Thank you for reaching out.

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