LoMo and EPX Cross-Civic Clean-Up

Join your South Philly neighbors and Representative Liz Fiedler’s office in a socially-distanced cleanup on Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 9 – 12 pm! We will focus on the following corridors:

Snyder Avenue between Broad St and 6th St, and

10th St between Tasker Ave and Oregon Ave.

Please remember to wear gloves, a mask, and properly dispose of any sharps or needles. Information on proper sharps disposal is available in English and Spanish on this phila.gov site. 

Secured trash bags may be left at the following intersections for pickup at 12 pm:

SW Corner of Snyder & 12th

SW Corner of Snyder & 10th

SW Corner of Snyder & 8th

SW Corner of Snyder & 6th

SW Corner of 10th & Morris

SW Corner of 10th & Mifflin

SW Corner of 10th & Wolf

SW Corner of 10th & Porter

SW Corner of 10th & Oregon

For those interested in cleaning up Snyder Ave or 10th St, we’ll meet at 9 am at 10th & Snyder on Saturday, 9/12. Please contact lomophilly@gmail.com to RSVP!

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