Green Stormwater Infrastructure Coming to LoMo

A series of green stormwater infrastructure improvements are coming to Lower Moyamensing. The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) is installing stormwater bumpouts and tree trenches, along with subsurface stone storage and new stormwater piping, on West Shunk Street between 6th & 8th Street and 10th & 12th Street. Green stormwater infrastructure includes a range of soil-water-plant systems that intercept storm water, infiltrate a portion of it into the ground, evaporate a portion of it into the air, and in some cases release a portion of it slowly back into the sewer system. Work has now commenced on the project and will last approximately one year. More information, including a map of the improvements, is available on the PWD Shunk Street Bumpouts project webpage.

An Example of Stormwater Bumpouts

This project is a part of PWD’s Green City, Clean Waters Program, a 25-year plan to reduce the volume of stormwater entering combined sewers using green infrastructure and to expand stormwater treatment capacity with traditional infrastructure improvements. The project will allow for better control of stormwater through soil infiltration and evapotranspiration and better management of erosion and sedimentation. Better stormwater control reduces the pollutant loading on Philadelphia’s rivers and streams. The completed project will also enhance the beautification of the area through new concrete footways and landscaping upgrades. As a part of the sidewalk, curb, and street restoration, new ADA compliant curb ramps will improve safety, functionality and aesthetics along Shunk Street. Coordination with PECO, PGW, Verizon, and SEPTA will be ongoing during construction to minimize any inconveniences.

PWD has developed a summary project sheet with a Frequently Asked Questions section about construction impacts. Prior to work starting on each of the blocks on Shunk Street, residents directly impacted by this work will receive a hand delivered letter to their home alerting them that work is soon to begin. Affected residents should have already received a preliminary notification letter about the project from PWD.

Typical construction hours for the project are from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm but may vary seasonally. Please note that street parking during hours of construction may be restricted. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be installed as needed for safety and construction. Signs will be installed before the start of work indicating the dates and hours that the areas will be closed. Vehicular traffic, pedestrian access, trash collection, and deliveries will be maintained. PWD has assigned an engineer and inspector to the project who will be on-site every day. Should neighbors experience any problems as a result of the work, please talk with the inspector on the job site who will be wearing clothing identifying them.

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