Meetings & Minutes

LoMo’s Next Community Meeting


Check our calendar for more meetings and events.

Location: Fumo Family Library (2437 S. Broad Street) or Via Zoom (indicated in Calendar)

If you would like to share a brief presentation with our members, have suggestions for topics of discussion for future meetings, or have neighborhood-related announcements that you would like us to pass along, please contact us at:

3 thoughts on “Meetings & Minutes

  1. I’ve been working on solutions to improve the quality and image of public education in South Philly with members of the Passyunk Square, EPX and Hawthorne civic associations. However, I live in LoMo and our neighborhood elementary school is Jenks. I’d like to know if there is an existing Education committee with which I could get involved or if there is interest within the association to work with/on the local public schools.

    Thanks for your direction.

  2. I’d like to recieve emails about what’s going on in LOMO. I’m in Real Estate and trying to meet developers to try to get their listings. I lived in this area for years and love the transformation.

    How do I go about this?
    Thanks for any help you can provide

    Jon C. Fishwick


  3. I would like inquire about trying to get a dog park at the plaza on the west side of Broad St. There is alot of unused space and it would also cut down on the problem with unleashed dogs around the park.

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