Volunteer to help care for one of our neighborhood gardens! Send us an email at

Take part in our Community Composting Program! Click here to register.

Check out photos of our neighborhood gardening projects on Facebook!

* The Gas Station Garden @11th & Snyder – Our very first gardening project! Begun in July 2007, the gas station garden was created by LoMo volunteers, thanks to generous donations by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and neighborhood residents. Formerly filled with trash and weeds, the garden now contains beautiful perennials such as echinacea, salvia, daylillies, artemisia, foxglove, and catmint. Recognized with an HONORABLE MENTION during the 2009 Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s City Gardens Contest. Special thanks to the Lukoil Gas Station for their permission to garden in this space!

* Tree Street Garden @11th & Tree – Formerly a vacant lot, we officially broke ground on this new garden on April 21, 2009 and have plans to build a Grain Garden, which will contain grain-bearing grasses, plus a beautiful combination of flowering perennials and shrubs, including lavender, irises, roses, and beebalm. Special thanks to the New York Bakery for permission to garden on this land.

Interested in working on your green thumb? Enroll in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s FREE training program, Garden Tenders! Registration is required. Call 215-988-8844 or register online here:


Block captains play an important role in our neighborhood by bringing neighbors together to make their blocks cleaner, safer places. Block captains help organize clean-ups, register for block parties, welcome new neighbors to the block, and also answer questions about a variety of neighborhood-related issues. The more block captains in our neighborhood, the cleaner and safer it will be as a whole! LoMo is encouraging all blocks in our boundaries to register their block captain with the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC). Not sure whether or not your block already has a block captain? Call 215-685-3981 to find out. You should also check with your neighbors to find out whether or not an “unofficial” block captain already exists. You may want to work with this person and register yourselves as Co-Block Captains with PMBC. Once you’ve registered with PMBC, let us know so that we can add you to our updated list of neighborhood block captains. Email


Confused about when to set out your recyclables? As of January 2009, our neighborhood recycles EVERY WEEK! Recycling is the law in Philadelphia. If you don’t recycle, you risk being fined. Check out the official Philadelphia Recycling Office’s website for more information on the City’s recycling program, including what you can and can’t toss into your recycling bin.

circular-free-philly“CIRCULAR NON-DELIVERY” DECALS

Tired of all of those menus and solicitation flyers that get stuffed in your railing? Request a “Circular Non-Delivery” decal to place on your front screen door (or anywhere else visible to hand deliverers) to make them go away! To request one for your home, pick yours up at the next LoMo general meeting or event, or send us an email at If unsolicited material is left outside your home, you simply send the circular to the Department of Licenses and Inspections. A Code Violation Notice (a.k.a ticket) is then issued to the violator.

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