Dear ??????????????????LoMo Neighbor:

There were great sales on “Black Friday.”  We supported our neighborhood businesses on “Local Saturday.” Our credit card debt was increased on “Cyber Monday.”  And of course, we all gave to worthy causes on “Giving Tuesday.”  Now, it’s LoMo’s turn.

Please consider making a fully tax-deductible donation to the Lower Moyamensing Civic Association, by donating at, via PayPal, or send us a check or money order payable to the Lower Moyamensing Civic Association, at 2437 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148.  Regardless of how much you give, we will put every dollar to good use. Listed below are just a few of our accomplishments over the past year:

Education Committee: Attended several meetings with leaders of our neighborhood schools and provided financial support for the well-attended Haunted House at the Fumo Library.

Environment Committee: Hosted multiple community cleanups and played a key role in the master plan that will revitalize and beautify the South Philadelphia High School Campus. Also, hosted monthly garden events throughout the spring and summer.

Fundraising Committee:  Hosted our tremendously popular flea market in the fall and spring.
Outreach Committee: Made our Facebook page even more popular and hosted numerous happy hours, as well as a well-attended Holiday Party.  We also have a record 120 paid members.
Zoning and Planning (including public safety):  Continues to advocate for a better zoning and planning footprint that will make our neighborhood a better and safer place to live (and attended monthly meetings with the 3rd District Police).  Also, facilitated three (3) community zoning meetings regarding the former Brush Factory and soon to be Artisan Loft Apartments.
Thank you again for your continued support and together we do make a difference!  I look forward to seeing you at our next event.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and of course, Happy Holidays !
Todd Schwartz,
President, LoMo

There are a number of ways to show your support for LoMo:


The Lower Moyamensing Civic Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.Your generous donation will help support improve the quality of life for residents in our neighborhood through LoMo’s programs, events, and special initiatives. Donations are tax-deductible. 

To make a donation via Paypal, please click here. 

Donations can also be mailed to:

Lower Moyamensing Civic Association
2437 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19148


Click here to sign up for our email list and stay in the loop about neighborhood news and events. You can also find us on facebook and twitter.


The success of our public projects depends on the support of our community. Click here to fill out our online volunteer form and tell us a bit more about your interestsClick here to check out our upcoming calendar of events.


Word of mouth is a powerful tool and we need your help in reaching out to as many folks as possible in our neighborhood. Please let your neighbors know about LoMo and share our upcoming events and meeting invitations with them!

One thought on “SUPPORT

  1. I am a proud resident fron 2400 block of S.12th street. I would like to thank my neighbor that cleaned the alley behind our homes. I keep my end of the alley clean including the houses on either side of me. hopefully now the remaining neighbors will take pride and keep their alley clean. It is not a dumping ground for their unused trask. My thanks to my neighbor. And I think I know who he is!! I have been planning to be a part of LOMO, this act has pushed me to ‘man-up’ and join. Thank you Diane C. DeLuca

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