Trash Academy and Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge

On Thursday, August 27, several LoMo members attended a meeting at 632 Jackson St, an empty lot currently occupied by Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge. Topics discussed included trash strategies for the neighborhood, as well as planning for an educational (focused on trash) and fun-filled family event at Mifflin Square on Saturday, September 19, 4pm to  8pm.  More … More Trash Academy and Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge

Philly Spring Cleanup 2015 – LoMo Keeps Up the Sweep Up

It’s time to give the neighborhood a little spring cleaning! This Saturday, April 12th, meet your neighbors at the LoMo equipment shed behind Epiphany church at 12th and Jackson. From 9:00 AM through 2:00 PM, all necessary equipment will be available (brooms, trash bags, dustbins, etc.) and refreshments will be provided. Collect your gear, pick … More Philly Spring Cleanup 2015 – LoMo Keeps Up the Sweep Up

Sanitation Code Changes

Information from the Philadelphia Streets Department The Streets Department is altering two regulations under its Sanitation Code. These changes will affect residents and small businesses that receive City sanitation services. Effective October 1, 2013 there will be a new set-out time for trash and recycling collections citywide. Citizens are able to set-out their trash and recyclables … More Sanitation Code Changes

Trash Night Tips

Are your recyclables creating litter? Here are a few tips to keep those items in the bin overnight and off of our sidewalks, courtesy of our friends from the Queen Village Neighbors Association: 1. Squash those cans! Both plastic and aluminum cans can be compacted with either squeezing or  the trusty foot-stomp method. Not only … More Trash Night Tips