Trash Night Tips


Are your recyclables creating litter? Here are a few tips to keep those items in the bin overnight and off of our sidewalks, courtesy of our friends from the Queen Village Neighbors Association:

1. Squash those cans! Both plastic and aluminum cans can be compacted with either squeezing or  the trusty foot-stomp method. Not only are they less likely to blow away that way, but you’ll also be able to fit more recyclables in your bin.

2. Don’t top off! Creating a pyramid of plastics, glass and cans above the rim is a recipe for a sidewalk mess.

3. Don’t overstuff! Brown grocery store bags may be handy for setting out your paper items, but there is a definite splitting point, which often occurs on the sidewalk. And if there’s a chance of rain that night, your paper bag will turn to pulp and you’ll be left to clean up a soggy mess the next morning.

4. Put lightweight paper underneath heavier recyclables to prevent them from escaping. Those receipts and scraps of paper have a way of being taken down the block with a strong gust of wind.

5. Use a plastic bin or pail or any kind– not thin plastic grocery bags. If you need a recycling bin, contact us at

6. Consider the weather: On windy days, be creative in finding ways to secure paper and plastics. Putting glass bottles in a cardboard box is not ideal on a dry day and can be even worse on rainy days.

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