Update on Brush Factory

As you know, we recently conducted a zoning and planning meeting regarding the development of the Brush Factory. I will be honest, I planned for a shout-fest, anticipating that emotions would run high about parking and other issues related to such a large development project. I was so wrong. The passion was there and everyone stuck to our format, and as a result, the meeting went flawlessly. Everyone had thought-provoking, pertinent questions, and all were answered. Kudos to all that attended !  Moving forward, I anticipate that we will support the variance to accommodate the apartments. I also anticipate that there will be provisos. Therefore, I encourage you to solicit suggestions on what you would like amended in the plan. Please understand, we won’t get everything we want. Some requests may not be feasible. However, I believe that the Rufo Group and the ZBA will try hard to accommodate our reasonable requests. With that said, send the e-mails to lomophilly@gmail.com.






You can see the Plans for the Brush Factory presented at the meeting by clicking here.


Todd Schwartz



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