Jenks School Tree Mulching and Wood Surrounds for Tree Pits

Trees in front of A.S. Jenks School
Wooden frames around the trees at A.S. Jenks School keep the mulch neat and tidy.

Carol Urovsky (Environmental Committee) and Terry Jack and Will Shuey (Education Committee) made this happen in late August. This was a major logistical undertaking, involving coordination with school officials, the transportation of 40 bags of mulch on a hot summer day, and lots of volunteer labor.  The 40 bags of mulch were spread around 18 trees on the sidewalks surrounding the Jenks School yard.  These trees are almost 2 years old but needed some TLC.  Terry and her husband will be making  the wood surrounds for the tree pits, which will help contain the mulch and define the tree bed. They’ve made three so far, and have a lot of work ahead of them. Carol and Terry are actively looking for volunteers to keep the tree beds clean (removing trash and dog poop).

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