LoMo’s Award-Winning Gas Station Garden


LoMo’s Gas Station Community Garden, located at the corner of Snyder Avenue and 11th Street, received the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Garden of Distinction Award in the 2015 PHS Gardening and Greening Contest.  Thanks go to Patti Tahan and Jean Merritt, both of whom have been essential to selecting the plants and weeding out the invasive vines.  They will be accepting the award at a reception at PHS in December. Thanks also go to Green Thumb members Anthony Fasano, Colleen McDonough, Carol Urovsky, Eve Miller, and Darlene Olsen for their support of the garden in 2015, which included planting, mulching, watering, weeding, and removing trash. Many others have pitched in when they could. Without a team effort, LoMo would not be recognized for such an amazing community garden, enjoyed by birds, bees, butterflies and people.

Begun in July 2007, the Lukoil Gas Station Community Garden was created by LoMo volunteers, thanks to generous donations by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and neighborhood residents.  It received an Honorable Mention during the 2009 Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Gardens Contest.  Some of the plants of previous years are still popping up in the spring. You can see some photos of the garden throughout the years on our Flickr site.


One thought on “LoMo’s Award-Winning Gas Station Garden

  1. Congratulations to everyone involved. The garden is lovely. Something does not have to be big to bring a smile to everyone passing by.

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