Learn About Philly’s “Green City, Clean Waters” Program March 16th

Green Philly




Fumo Family Library

When: Wednesday, March 16th, 6:30pm

Green City, Clean Waters is Philadelphia’s plan to reduce stormwater pollution currently entering our Combined Sewer System through the use of green infrastructure.

Maggie Dunn of the Philadelphia Water Department will share information about how green stormwater infrastructure can revitalize neighborhoods. She’ll also discuss the Rain Check landscaping program for homeowners, the Soak it Up Adoption program, and the community grant program.

Rachel Cox, LoMo’s Storm Drain Art Project lead, will talk about our Green Team’s ideas for using storm drain art to highlight the importance of our storm drains. The LoMo team has been working collaboratively since the beginning of the year on this project.

Come listen, ask questions, and voice your suggestions.


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