TreePhilly Yard Tree Giveaways

This spring you can get a free tree to plant in your back yard!  The TreePhilly Program is a partnership between Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, the Fairmount Park Conservancy, and TD Bank.  Pre-register for the tree giveaway in South Philly, then come to the event in April to pick up your tree, learn how to plant and care for it, and take home free mulch!  There are 12 trees to choose from, including small flowering and fruit trees that will only grow a maximum of 20 or 30 feet tall, like witchhazel, red buckeye, staghorn sumac, crabapple, sweet cherry, apricot, and apple.  These smaller trees should be planted at least 10-15 feet away from a building, and 5 feet away from a fence or wall.  Larger trees require more space to grow.  Trees from this program must be planted in the ground on private property, and will not survive in a pot or planted in the sidewalk next to the street.
WHEN: Sunday April 2, 10-2pm at South Philadelphia High School
People need to sign up now for a tree as there will be a limited supply of extras.

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