Nominate a Drain for the LoMo Storm Drain Art Project!

LoMo is beginning out Storm Drain Art Project soon. Philly artist Ryan Psota will be painting whimsical designs on a few of our storm drains to bring more attention to our watershed and (hopefully) discourage citizens from throwing trash into the drains. Below is the design for the first drain, which will be at the bus stop at the SE corner of Broad and Snyder, closest to the high school:

We are looking for 3 more drains to make beautiful and we are looking for location suggestions!


  • Must be in the LoMo neighborhood (Broad to 7th, and Snyder to Oregon).
  • Must be a drain in good shape (ie: no crumbing concrete).
  • Must be located near a business, school or on a high-traffic intersection.
  • Must be located at the corner, or at least highly visible to someone crossing the street or standing at the corner.
  • The person submitting must supply a photo of the drain.

In a perfect world:

  • We prefer a drain at a corner that has recently been renovated by the city, (ie: had the new red bumpy ADA accessible cutouts installed) otherwise we might decorate a drain only to have it demolished later.
  • A drain nominated by someone who runs a business or lives at that intersection will be given preference.

Please submit your suggestions in the comments, describe the location, which corner, and attach a photo. You can also submit your suggestions, along with photo and details, to

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