South Philadelphia High School Offering Adult Education Classes

From Al Dia, read more here:

The Mayor’s Office of Education (MOE) has teamed up with the city’s Office of Adult Education (OAE) to offer adult education classes, including four ESL classes, this spring at all 12 of the community schools across the city.

The classes are currently open for enrollment through the OAE website (link is external) or on location through the end of March. ESL classes will be offered at George Washington High School, South Philadelphia High School, Southwark School, and William T. Tilden School, and courses for either adult basic education or adult secondary education will be provided at other community schools, which include William Cramp Elementary, Murrell Dobbins CTE High, F.S. Edmonds Elementary, Edward Gideon Elementary, Kensington Health Sciences, Logan Elementary, Samuel Gompers Elementary, and Alain Locke School.

“The vision for community schools is that they are places that provide a range of things that help meet the needs of the community,” said Susan Gobreski, director of community schools at the Mayor’s Office of Education, noting that the new initiative is expected to serve 300 people total, with an average of 25 people in one class at each of the 12 locations. 007004


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