The Yard at South Bowl

South Bowl is Fantastic as it is but with the addition of outdoor activities in The Yard it’s even better! After bowling (Yes, we racked up more than a few STRIKES), LoMo board members, volunteers and neighbors headed straight to the batting cages. You can choose “Baseball” or “Softball” pitch as well as the speed of the pitch. Most of our hitters stuck with 40 mph pitches, but others in the cage were connecting with 70 mph pitches! And with 18 pitches per token (3 tokens for $10) we were hooked and never got to the rest of the activities in The Yard. We plan to visit again to play bocce, shuffle board and horseshoes.  It was a beautiful night. The friendly staff, a menu with nice variety and excellent facilities makes it an easy choice for planning future get togethers! Check it out!


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