PHS Advanced Pruning Workshop

Advanced Pruning Workshop

Wednesday, October 14th,  6:30 -9:00 pm on ZOOM (this is part of the 6-week Advanced Tree Tenders series but can be taken as a stand-alone, if you are interested in the entire advanced Tree Tenders program please register at All Adv. TT classes are recorded so you can make up for classes missed. 

 Participants in the Advanced Pruning Workshop should be Tree Tenders with pruning experience 

Instructor: Jason Lubar, board certified master arborist and teacher extraordinaire!!!     This training is designed for Tree Tenders groups interested in having a pruning club in their neighborhood.  Graduates who complete the training will be authorized to lead a PHS Tree Tenders pruning without a certified arborist present.

Training will include:

  • Structural pruning for training young trees
  • Safety standards 
  • Identification of basic problems (when to call an arborist) 
  • Soil and root care.

In lieu of payment please make a donation to the More Trees Please campaign,

Please RSVP to Mindy by Oct. 13th 5pm

One thought on “PHS Advanced Pruning Workshop

  1. I am signed up and looking forward to learn more about trees and pruning. With each workshop, tree planting and tree care activity I am more confident and hopeful as part of the change for all the good that is happening in Philly!

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