Vote Tomorrow! Let your voice be heard.

Make a Plan for Tomorrow’s Primary Election, Tuesday, May 18th.

Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm!

To find your polling location, voter registration status or more about Philly’s voting system go here.

For mail in ballots: IT’S TOO LATE TO MAIL IN YOUR BALLOT; it may not be delivered in time to be counted. Ballots will not be accepted at the polls either. In South Philadelphia mail in ballots may be dropped off at the following locations:

  • Ford Pal Center, 609 Snyder Avenue up until May 18, 8 pm
  • Center City Hall, South entrance
  • Riverview Place : 520 N Columbus Blvd
  • Smith Playground: 2100 S 24th St
  • or see the full list on

For a full voter guide and sample ballot from the Committee of Seventy, go here.

THANK YOU for making your voice be heard!

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